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For students to learn, they need to be healthy and in class.
That's where MedOutreach comes in.

Industry-Leading Athletic Training Software

MedOutreach is a new student healthcare app that when combined with Rank One Sport makes the athletic trainer’s job easier, while making student injury care better and more efficient.

  • Easily input student medical information
  • Standardize athletic care to national protocols
  • Monitor and track injury and illness trends
  • Communicate with healthcare providers with the touch of a button
  • Securely share notes, progress, images and questions
  • Receive virtual Return to Play Authorizations
  • Stay in sync with school nurses and health care providers
  • Improve HIPAA and FERPA compliance
  • Reduce risk

Looking for ways to simplify and streamline athletic training?

MedOutreach makes it easy to input student medical information, standardize athletic care, track injury trends, and coordinate with providers—all in one easy-to-use, HIPAA and FERPA-compliant platform.

Training student athletes is challenging.

MedOutreach makes it easier.

Easily input student medical information, communicate with healthcare providers, share notes and progress and monitor injury trends over one secure, easy-to-use platform.