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For students to learn, they need to be healthy and in class.
That's where MedOutreach comes in.

Reduce risk. Improve Efficiency. Grow Your Practice.

Now, there’s a new app that makes it easy to reach more patients, while making student health care better. MedOutreach connects you to local schools and athletic departments with the touch of a button.

  • Reach more patients
  • Streamline communication with athletic trainers, schools and parents
  • Access historical student injury data
  • HIPAA and FERPA compliant communication
  • Secure, non-local data storage
  • Send Virtual Return to Play authorizations
  • Standardize injury data with Andrews Institute Protocols

Looking for ways to grow your practice?

MedOutreach gives you access to a new pool of patients by connecting you with local schools and athletic departments.

Training student athletes is challenging.

Want to reduce risks associated with treating student athletes, while growing your practice?

MedOutreach is a new k-12 student healthcare app that gives you access to a new pool of patients, while protecting student health data over a secure, HIPAA and FERPA-compliant platform.