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For students to learn, they need to be healthy and in class.
That's where MedOutreach comes in.

Minimize Absences.
Reduce Risk.

Today, most schools share student health information over the phone, or via text—but this is insecure, and can put schools at risk. Uncoordinated care and lack of oversight is also a problem, and can lead to the spread of contagious diseases, and more student absences. Help your school keep students in the classroom, reduce risk, and improve student health with MedOutreach, a new student health care app that improves quality of care and coordination for K-12 students.

  • Reduce student absences
  • Prevent the spread of contagious illnesses
  • Monitor and track injury and illness trends district-wide
  • Standardize injury and illness care to national protocols
  • Improve HIPAA and FERPA compliance
  • Reduce Risk

Help your school prevent the spread of illness, keep students in the classroom, and reduce risk with MedOutreach.

Does your school share student health information using email or text messages?

You could be at risk of HIPAA and FERPA noncompliance. Improve compliance and reduce risk with MedOutreach.

Are you looking for ways to reduce student absences?

MedOutreach keeps you informed of illnesses and injuries across your district, reduces the spread of sickness, and improves student healthcare, so students miss fewer class days.